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Dear Friend,


Creating your reality vs waiting for life to happen to you.


I am inviting you this season to begin to view your life in a different way. Consider that you are the author of the story that is your life. How you view it, how you perceive it and how you experience it is up to you.


Living a powerful life comes when you start to choose how your future is going to go rather than waiting fearfully as to what will happen next. It is a shift in perception that allows you to begin to see your future in a new way.


Becoming Master or Mistress of your life involved making choices, developing a pathway to create what you want and taking the steps or actions consistent with bringing that into your reality. This includes Everything from Love and Romance to Career and Jobs.


No we can't control everything but this isn't about control. This is about creating. Creating is different than control because in creating make our request and we give up our attachment to the outcome. We set an intent and we let go of our expectation of the outcome. We allow our higher self and the potential of something even greater to unfold. If we don't like what we have created, we can make adjustments to our preferences and choose again.


We are not creating alone but with everyone. This collaborative dance is an agreement we have with one another. As we are one. Your successes are mine and vice versa.


If you want a new partner for example. You think about the kind of person you want to be with. You match that energy by being a particular way yourself and you send out into the world the message that this is what I want. You begin to take actions that are consistent with people who want a new partner. You express yourself in the world as someone who is available for love. As the universe is in agreement with your desire you draw to you like a magnet the partner that is perfect for you in that moment in time. We are dancing with the world all of the time. So when you ask for a partner remember the messages you are sending draws to you what you are asking for.


Another example. Say you want to be a chiropractor. You begin to think about the kinds of things a chiropractors thinks about. You take actions and steps to get you into chiropractic school. You read about it, talk to others chiropractors about it. Your focus now is on health and well being. You match the energy of a chiropractor and you send a message to the world this is what I want to do. You immerse yourself into the world of what it is to be a chiropractor. You start to stand tall and carry yourself like a chiropractor. As the universe is in agreement with you, like a magnet, you begin to draw to you people who will help you reach your goal. A new pathway emerges for you to take that will lead you to your goal. You are now dancing in the energy of health, well being and you meet other students and chiropracters. Your radar is tuned into your new career and you notice everything associated with chiropractic. You are on the path to your dream.


It is an energy you are attracting not a particular person or job per se. Your energy may attract many people and many opportunities. All humanity is your soul mate. Not one, but many and everyone. So give up the myth that there is only one man/women, one job, one house, one of anything for you. All is for you. All is for us.


Call to you the energy you wish and then "you" choose what you want to experience in the now. That is creating the life you want. That is mastery.


Remember if you create something you don't want it's not over. You can do it again. With more clarity ask again. Create again this time with more knowledge more details and the joy of knowing you are the master of your life.




Donna Virgilio

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