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January 2014

Working with the Goddess each month gives you an opportunity to get to know the character, gifts and essence of each Goddess. The qualities of the Goddess are also in you. As you get to know the Goddess you will get to know yourself and your divine feminine power. Take time to connect with the Goddess that has been specifically chosen for your sign. You will produce results in your life both inward and out in the world.



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Find out which Goddesses are with you right now. Get clear guidance from your Goddesses in any and every area of your life. When we ask for the help of the Goddesses they provide us with so much love, strength and wisdom. Receive your Goddess Reading by either phone, chat or email.




New Year Message for January


Goddess: Yemaya, Goddess of the Ocean and the New Year!


Greetings and Welcome. This is everyone’s year to celebrate life and love on this planet. Abundance and prosperity are yours. So much is available to you this coming year. My blessings are bountiful. Turbulent waters are much calmer than last year. Expect this year to be one you will remember for years to come. As you will feel you are making progress.

Money: Money is flowing in on the waves of your prayers and wishes. You will be surprised at the increase of prosperity that is present this year. You will do more with what you have. You will see more balance in what is coming in and going out. Feel calmer waters around debt and income. Be prosperous. Sing the songs of success. Praise abundance wherever you find it. What attracts money is the belief that there is plenty, integrity with your words, generosity in your heart and the willingness to receive it. Give up any guilt, shame or blame associated with money. See yourself as the receiver of great wealth. Be a believer in plenty for all and for you

Love: Illusive and ever present. Like water running through your hands, you try to squeeze love and it slips quickly through your fingertips. Relax, breath and let go of trying to get love to fit a particular form. Love cannot be poured into form. You are more attractive than a lighthouse to a ship when you just let go and receive love. Be a beacon of light in the world. Let it be known that you are love and that there is plenty of it in your heart to go around. Rather than chase after love let it come to you. Drink, dance and bathe in my waters of love. Let love sparkle in your eyes as you fall in love with your life. You emanate love and draw it to you when you are living a life of love. Let it be known that you are in love. In love with a life you love.

Creativity: Sing the songs of sirens as you rest beside a body of water. Play in the fields of flowers with the fae. Walk the mountains of the elders. Your creativity comes from being outdoors and breathing in and exhaling with nature. You are one with all that is. Stand in the place that inspires you the most and ask for what you want to know. You will be inspired and filled with ideas that will enchant you. Wonder no longer what to do next as the muses are waiting for you with answers.

The wildest dreams you have can come true now. Where your ideas have been met with resistance from yourself or others you press forward. You see the successes you have been waiting for. Love what you do and do it well. Embrace what is in your heart and let it manifest into the world. No more excuses or reason why you can’t have that. Let what you dream of become your reality.

Beauty: This month your beauty is expressed by your willingness to believe in yourself. Roar into the new year with the belief that you are already enough. You are already whole and complete. You are already beautiful and gorgeous. You were born to make a difference in the world. This month you stand in the power of knowing you have a purpose.

Never forget the great gifts that you have. Never forget the great gift that you are.


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