The Mary Magdalene Tour
Journey to the Sacred Goddess Sites of Southern France

Lourdes, Carasonne, Renne Le Chateau, Rennes Les Bains,
Chateau de Peyrepertuse, St Maximin, Stes Maries de la Mer,
St Baume and Nice

May 14th to May 21th, 2017

Itinerary for All Goddesses
Join Donna Virgilio on her extraordinary Goddess Mary Magdalene Tour across Southern France. Discover secrets of Mary Magdalene’s History, Myth and Cults. Visit the sacred sites of Mary Magdalene in the Cathar Country: the mysterious Mary Magdalene secrets at Rennes Le Chateau, the healing waters and springs at Rennes Les Bains, the dark St. Mary Magdalene Basilica and her crypt. Under candle light explore Mary’s secret Cave at St. Baume with her holy well and spring. View the Magic Mountain Mount Bugarach, famous for ET’s. Visits Lourdes home of the sacred healing waters of Mother Mary and St. Bernadette. Visit the grotto and the home of St. Bernadette. See one of the largest underground churches in the world and the amazing gilded crown Rosary Basilica. At sunset follow along in the candlelit procession dedicated to Mother Mary. Climb through Cathar Castle ruins and explore the Medieval walled city of Carcassonne. Enjoy the taste of the fertile wine country. Go with us and uncover the secrets and mysteries of the Goddess Mary Magdalene.

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Private Goddess and Sacred Site Tours for France for groups of 4 to 6 people available upon request.
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