Journey into the World of the Goddess
And the Sacred Site of Ireland
The Fire Goddess Tour! Goddess Brigit
With Donna Virgilio Spring 2017

Travel with Donna Virgilio into the world of Ireland and of the Goddess. Visit some of the most ancient and sacred Goddess Sites in the world. Stroll through the majestic gardens of Kildare and Dublin. In candlelit ceremony, connect with the Goddess Brigit in Kildare, home of her fire temple, sacred wells, churches and stones. Enjoy tea and making Brigit’s crosses with the Brigidine Sisters, the keepers of Brigid’s Perpetual Flame. Wander through the Neolithic monuments, tombs, chambers of Knowth, Newgrange and Lough Crew Cairns (The Witches Hill). We will tour through Dublin Castle St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Brigit’s Cathedral. Enjoy a candlelight Irish Dinner, Irish Storytelling and Music. Take a Goddess Liffey River Cruise through the city of Dublin. Explore Tara the Hill of the Kings and Goddesses, it’s mounds and the “Stone of Destiny.” Enjoy acres of Irish gardens, horses, faery mounds and Goddesses.

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Private Goddess and Sacred Site Tours for Ireland for groups of 6 people available upon request.
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